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Computer Networking
  • Wired and wireless network design
  • LAN and WAN design and implementation
  • VPN and remote access
  • Firewall installation and network security
  • Network Printer / Scanner Configuration
  • Operating system configuration & support
    • Windows 9x - Vista
    • Windows Server 2000 & 2003 & 2008
    • Mac OS X and up
    • Mac OS X Server
Web & Graphic Design
  • Support for all Major Web Languages:
    • ASP, PHP, AJAX
    • Javascript, XML, Flash
  • Database design in both MySQL & MS SQL Server
  • Custom Coding and Design
  • Photoshop Expertise
  • Experience in Photography
  • Logo Design
Computer Repair
  • Support for both Windows and MAC computers
  • Experience with All Major Brands
  • Laptop Repair
  • Hardware and Software Troubleshooting
  • Virus, Spyware, & Malware Removal
  • Back Up / Disaster & Recovery Plans


Phone Systems & Cabling
  • Avaya IP Office certified
  • VoIP Phone system support
  • Single locations & multi-site networks
  • Unified communications
  • ICC Premise Wiring Certified Installer
  • Adhere to TIA/EIA Wiring Standards


networkingComputer Networkingnetworking

Practically all businesses have some form of a network. Even small companies with one computer are typically still part of some kind of network. Technology is changing at an extremely fast pace. Computer networks are no different. Alpine Computing stays up with the times to keep your networks up-to-date and running effectively.

We do this by starting at the ground up so to speak. We are certified cable installers so we can offer you the best service from start to finish. Sometimes when mutliple vendors are involved in your IT needs, things tend to get more complicated than they need to be or cost way more than they should. Alpine Computing can provide the full package by:

  • Certified Cable installers
  • Up to a Cat 6 Certification
  • TIA/EIA Wiring Standards
  • Patch panel installation and termination
Network Connection & Equipment
  • Alpine Computing is a Qwest Buisness Partner
  • LAN and WAN design and Implementation
  • Point 2 Point Connections, T1, Qwest Integrated Access, DSL, etc...
  • Configure Switches, Routers, and Firewalls
  • VPN (Virtual Private Network) Configuration and Design
Computers and Servers
  • Configure and Administer Windows workgroups and domains
  • File Servers, Exchange Servers / Email Servers, Web Servers & much more
  • Set up User Workstations
  • Hook up periphrial devices like network printers, IP Cameras, network storage, etc...
Software Support

There is a lot of software out there and it is sometimes overwelming to learn new software. Alpine Computing can help you get up and running in no time with our extended knowledge on a collection of products to decrease the learning curve that comes with new software and increase your productivity quickly. Please contact us for software recommendations.

  • Microsoft Office
  • AntiVirus software configuration
  • Email Configuration and setup
  • Quickbooks configuration and support
  • Backup software configuration

securitySecurity Policiessecurity

Creating a company security policy is a very important step in keeping sensitive information safe from unauthorized access. Even small business should have some type of security policy or rules that their employees have to abide by. When it comes to a security policy the following areas should be defined:

  • Physical Security
  • Access Control
  • Network Connection
  • Security for malicious code and Vulnerabilities
  • Internet, Computer, and Software Use policies
  • Awareness
Physical Security

Physical security is pretty obvious, the actual physical access to the servers, computers and storage devices that store your sensitive information. For example, file servers should be in a room that is locked and only a certain group of people should have access to this room and any activity to this room could be monitored. This could also include an alarm system to the building, and a surveillance system.

Access Control

Access control is another imporant area in a company's information security. The most basic access control would be to have a password policy in place. A password polcie usually defines password complexity, minimum length, minimum and maximum age, and password history. To learn how to implexment strong passwords please see the follow article from Microsoft:
Strong passwords: How to create and use them.

Other ways to control access is through permissions. Creating groups and users that have different access permissions keeps the sensitive information safe from authorized employees and unauthorized users.

BackupBackup PlansBackup

The integrity of the information stored on a company's servers and computers play a vital role in the success of any business. The loss of this data in any way could be an extreme set back and costly to recover from. To ensure your data stays safe and intact, Alpine Computing designs every backup plan to meet the exact needs of your company. These plans involve several different elements:

  • Backup for hardware & software failure
  • Backup for Disasters
  • A Plan for restoring a backup
Back up for hardware failure

This is incredibly important since hardware & software failure are a very common cause for data to become corrupt or lost. This type of backup will is normal stored on a backup device of some kind in the same physical location as the original data. This type of backup can protect a business from the follow:

  • Data loss or corruption from viruses or malicious code
  • Data loss from hardware failure caused by:
    • hardware stops working
    • lightning strike or power interruption / surges
    • Physical harm to the hardware the data is stored on
  • Software bugs which cause data corruption
Backup for Disasters

To backup for disasters like fire, earthquake, hurricane or any other disaster that destroy everything in a location of a business, the data has to be backed up to a location offsite. You can do this by:

  • Having scheduled backups to an external storage device and physically having someone take it and keep it offsite
  • Backing up over a WAN or private network connection, like a VPN, to an offsite location
  • Hire a third-party backup solution that will backup your data and store it for you
Restore from a backup

Backing up your data is extremely important, but making sure the backups are working properly is just as important. Backups should be checked at regular intervals and a plan should be put in place and tested to restore a backup in the event of a disaster or any type of data loss. This will keep productivity up and down time to a minimal.

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